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21 SEP - 28 SEP 2024

Immerse yourself in a hidden sanctuary this year, Pawo Yoga Retreats opening her doors to the first Women's Yoga Retreat.  We invite you to sit with your inner strength and grace, guided by the ancient wisdom of Yoga. Each moment is a celebration of sisterhood and self-discovery as we continue together on this journey.


We will sit together to explore the hidden corners of our hearts, encouraging each other to move, trust and open to the source of creativity. 

Our days are woven with deep yoga sessions, meditative walks to the ocean, and soul-stirring conversations under the stars. You'll find solace in the nurturing embrace of our community, and each breath is a step closer to your truest self.


This retreat is not just a journey of the body, but an odyssey of the spirit. With every asana, every shared silence, and every shared story, we embark together on a path of empowerment and going home to our own ground of wisdom. In this secret haven, limited to a select few, we invtie you to an experience that transcends the ordinary – a magical interlude where time stands still, and the heart speaks directly on the basic goodness of life.

Join us this Summer, a new sanctuary where the wisdom of the feminine spirit circles the Chakra methodology, and each woman's story is a precious jewel in our collective crown as women of power and compassion.

Limited places, add your name to the list to receive the finer details.

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