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Known as Liz, or ‘Lizi’ in the Yoga Community and to her students on Retreat, she began her official Yoga journey in 2012. She is honest and open about her own journey. The study and practice of Yoga has changed her life and as she would say, healed her. We asked Liz to tell you a little bit about herself. 


“I found out what Yoga was to me during my trip to Thailand in 2012, I had exposure from my mom at the age of 4 teaching Yoga to her friends, a farming community back in the 80's, but it was the Ashtanga class I did on Koh Samui that would change the course of my life and begin a deep path of practice." 
I did my first 200hr Teacher Training, with The Yoga People later that year. I knew then that I was standing at the foot of a mountain, ‘rewiring’ my life. Being of service to others was a path I was walking all along, I have a passion for people. My Dharma, or purpose in life and own self-realization was just heightened by the ancient teachings and tools Yoga.  


My goals have remained with me all my life, Yoga just becoming my vehicle and my teacher to facilitate teachings and tools to support others more skilfully in daily life. 
My philosophy in life is to learn from my own environment; I work through being the student, and adapted a growth mindset early on in my life due to my love for tennis.
I have a positive & disciplined approach to teaching classes, and create sacred and nurturing settings during my Retreats to deepen personal practices for my students.
Pawo Yoga Retreats was established by me in 2015, it’s a global community. We enjoy Sattvic meals, sit in circles with rituals and ceremonies, practice and share life with the intention of strengthening physical, mental and soul practices. The retreat space honours deeper teachings and learning, sharing my personal insight and knowledge on how to be a skillful human being and practitioner through the Heart of Yoga.  
I prefer being barefoot, and love a good sunrise. I was born on a farm, and was brought up with grace & gratitude. Freedom, knowledge and family is my highest value. I appreciate good books, and great poets, I drink good coffee. I have a potty mouth sometimes, and I personally write about the things that have hurt me, loved me and kept me. 
I enjoy sharing and eating good food. I surf when I'm not in London,  and I do Shaolin Martial Arts in my time off. I practice Mysore Ashtanga, Dharma, Rocket, Mandala and Yin Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism found me early on in my life sitting in stillness. My sitting practice is my greatest vehicle. I travel to study yoga. My Retreats are my life’s work in progress, and part of a great vision to give back to all sentient beings. 
Everyone is welcome. I have no intention to do anything else, other than deepen my own practice and share this with others. The time in Retreat is honest, fun, and uplifting sharing life in nature with fellow students and practitioners around the world.”


"I have had the pleasure of working with over 20 yoga teachers in the last 4 years of running yoga retreats, but there is no other teacher I would prefer to work with than Lizaan Joubert.

In her nature, Lizaan is a fierce woman, who is fearless in the pursuit of creating wholehearted relationships with her students. She is honest, raw and filled with wisdom that pours out of her while on her retreats and in her classes.

Some would say her yoga retreats and classes border on an experience like going to therapy but this is exactly what makes Lizaan's retreats special and like no other. She is truly passionate about transformation and expansion of her students lives and brings her A-game to each and every retreat making it her priority that every student is given the opportunity and space to find their truth. She does this through ceremony, rituals, chakra & workshops, yoga, specific yoga based food menu's and her intuition.

Time spent with Lizaan is an investment for your life, this is a woman you won't want to live without once you've experienced her magic. She finds your soul and nurtures it for you until you are ready to do so on your own in the healthiest and most wholehearted way possible.

Kimberly Parsons - The Yoga Kitchen & Chef


The word 'Pawo' derives from the Warrior Nature that resides in us, specific to Tibetan, where it literally means "The one who is brave". The Buddhists will refer this teachings is understanding the energy it requires to be brave and fierce in every breath of your life.

This Retreat Week are for all practitioners. It's a Holistic Holiday that threads all walks of life together with Yoga, contemplation and great laughter.  I hope to see you at one of these Soul weeks!