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Each year Lizi opens private retreat weeks where you can curate your own group, dates, and location. This started due to Covid restrictions and being able to feel safe and still travel being in the Sun practicing. This year these weeks are being offered  in Europe and Asia. They are bespoke with nutrition, body work, a theme that celebrates yoga philosophy as a way of life. If these locations are not suitable, you can select your own destination.

Lizi will tailor a Yoga theme holiday around your time with friends, family or just you on your own. 


22 JAN - 30 JAN  2025  | BALI

08 MAR - 15  MAR 2025  | INDIA

17 MAY - 24  MAY 2025  | EU

21 JUN- 28  JUN 2025  | EU - Sold Out

05 JUL - 12  JUL  2025  | EU

Please enquire below with Lizi on how she can create a magical time for you taking care of your needs and desires. 


 "    have been doing 1:1 retreats with Lizaan now for many years. We have mainly been in Greece since 2020, with one random trip to Albania - but that’s another story! 

For me private weeks offer such a unique opportunity to drop fully into my practice and deepen it further.


Lizaan creates a wonderful week with lots of yoga, chance to breakdown and play at postures and lots of space to breathe and meditate. The one on one retreat gives so much space for questions and discussions.  Lizaan is an amazingly gifted teacher and to me the one to one space offers so much hands on adjustment and somatic work that is often so missing in big retreat groups and classes.

I cannot recommend these weeks more highly, they are very reasonably priced as Lizaan gives so generously of her time and expertise and they have been some of the best weeks of my life to date!  "  

       -        Dr Rebecca, London, Senior Trauma Birth Doctor, Student of Yoga for 34yrs

 "  I  met Lizi in 2022 at a group yoga retreat in Mykonos when I was in a deep burnout both physically and emotionally. She gave me the space to seek her guidance and worked with me on breaking barriers that were preventing me from accepting my body, and moving it through pain that was preventing me from basic physical activity.


I started working with Lizi online from Toronto doing 1:1 sessions. A year later, as I was entering a new stage in my life where I was finally coming out of burnout, I joined one of her 1:1 retreat offerings in Ithaca, Greece and that gave me entirely new perspectives on so many things. 

Lizi again gave me the full attention I needed; the patience of an older sister, the guidance of a wise warrior, and the encouragement of a wing woman who’s not afraid to go with you on your journey and tell it like it is. We laughed, we cried, we yoga-ed, we dieted, we dined, and we went on adventures. At the end it gave me ownership to care for myself, and ideas of how to forge a path forward when I got home so I still felt supported.


Post-retreat I continue my work with Lizi online through 1:1 soul sessions where we talk and dig deep into issues and patterns that have left me feeling stuck for years, particularly in love and relationships. Plus she provides me with positive accountability making sure I continue to take care of my body and mind. Through all that Lizi has helped me regain my voice and build up true and sustainable self confidence that I’d been seeking for years."  

       -         Maria, Senior Financial Director, Toronto, Student of Yoga for 8 years

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