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Creating Coherence through the Koshas

Monday 29th May, 2023


Join teacher Lizaan Joubert, exploring yoga through the Koshas. She will be guiding practice, theory, and meditation sharing the layers of our body that eastern philosophy refers to as the Koshas. In Eastern philosophy, the koshas are considered the energetic layers of your body that surround your soul. Sometimes, they’re referred to as "sheaths" or "casings".

The five koshas exist together and are encased, or nested, within each other. Your physical body composes the outermost layer, while the innermost layer contains your bliss body, or soul. All layers of these five bodies share an innate intelligence that allows for Prana to flow and balance our existence. We experience suffering and bliss, and one of the ways we can approach our suffering is to contemplate the mind-body, and one of the best ways of approaching the mind-body is through the lens of the five Kosas. Yoga challenges us to take a view that would include all the factors in any given situation and examine how they relate to one another as well as how they work as a whole. This requires our flexibility of perspective and focused attention. 

There are several different sheaths that constitute what we call the mind-body. When we practice yoga postures, meditation, and pranayama, we are consciously or unconsciously working with these various sheaths. The Five Sheaths are made up of Vital Air, Mind, Understanding, and Bliss. 

Liz will highlight the Kosas in Storytelling, during and after the class. The spring qualities of nature bring us inspiration to rise in all layers and sheaths of ourselves, just like nature awakes in all her dynamic forms and subtle casings and layers. 


Monday 29th of May, 2023


9:00 am - 9:15 am | Welcome

9:15 am  - 10:45am | Movement Practice

10:45 am - 11am | Pranayama & Stillness

Tea Break

11:15 am - 12:00 |  Coherence through the Kosas


YOGARISE - Peckham Rise

Located in: Copeland Park & Bussey Building

Address:  Bussey Building, 133 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN, United Kingdom


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