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8 - 15 JULY 2022


8 - 15 JULY 2022

Pawo Yoga Retreats invites you to this Greek Yoga Odyssey. The gift is Ithaca, and what she gives to each person that visits her. This is for you to come and experience during your time in retreat this Summer.  This island is the sanctuary for so many that visit her, leave her and find a way to return to her.


This is also a week of Yoga gifts for you. This informal group setting will share the intentions and teachings of a holistic practice. As always, Pawo Yoga Retreats will combine rituals with nature, and share yoga philosophy. You will have meaningful yoga practices & meditative rituals that can go with you wherever you go. 


Ithaca - Greece

We are on the West coast, off the mainland. Ithaca sits between the islands of Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakythos in the heart of the beautiful Ionian.  This little island is home to only 3500 souls when the summer passes. Her white pebble bays, deep silence, home to a sailing culture, and a mystical way to welcome you back like an old friend are all part of what makes her so charming and ideal for this gathering. 

The actual island has a geography that gives her a North and South life, and this Summer, our retreat will be in the South, near Filiatro Bay and Sarakiniko. 



A home away from the everyday

Our Villa & other accommodation options will be in the main town of Vathi, this will give you options during this retreat to join at your own budget and luxury needs.


The main Villa overlooks the Main Harbour and is walking distance from other accommodation choices you can choose from.


Each morning transfers will collect you for Filiatro Bay where early morning swimming, meditation, and practices will happen. You have the option for single or double occupancy on this retreat.



You can anticipate adventure, fun, wisdom, practice and meaningful contemplations and conversations around Yoga (life). You will have your own time with the Ionian and Greek life the Ithaka way. 

Lizi has been coming to Ithaca since 2016. She was and is still fortunate to sit with Ithaca's wise ones, annually she returns for personal time and now retreat life with you. Your whole week is motivated in grounding your energy, and body, the yoga practices and daily agreements with nature, your body, and being open to unknown grace in the moments when we choose to retreat and reflect.



Yang Yoga

Morning practices are dynamic yang practices with long holding seated postures. You will learn a meditation posture before we move in the morning, which you can either add to your own practice or begin to understand why a sitting practice is being the student to your breath.

Yin Yoga

Evening practices will be long holding Yin classes that will also share slow movement sequencing.


The Yoga teachings will be rooted in The Five Buddha Families. Lizi will share these families in storytelling during yoga classes that she combines with the Five Vayus (Winds of the Body) and Five Elements of Life.


We will be close with the earth, sea, sun, sky and the center of our intentions daily.  Brunch is included after daily dynamic morning practices and meditations in Filiatro Bay.


Five Dinner evenings are included in the retreat,  and the rest are dinners to explore on your own. You will also have one afternoon off to explore the island and enjoy the solitude.



The Retreat is open to all levels. This retreat is welcome to non yoga practitioners as well.


Lizi teaches accessible days welcoming anyone wanting to understand the tools that yoga has to offer a daily life.


If you hold a motivation in your heart to improve energy levels, strengthen your physiology, improve your breathing, connect with kind humans, and take time to rest, you can book your mat and come to Ithaca this summer. 



It's a personal time with yourself, where you can come out on your own or with a friend and like minded souls sharing the intentions of your Yoga (life). . 

My intention is to open a space that allows you to explore your body being strong but slower in movement practices.


I also share the ground of Tibetan Buddhism in an accessible way to relate back to your daily life threading your practice on and off the mat. 


Price range for 7 nights from:

1225 GBP sharing up to 2300 GBP single occupancy.

* 350 GBP non refundable deposit (T&C) 

* Payment plans are available (three installments) 

* This Retreat Group will not exceed 11 students. 

What's included

  • Practice Transfers to & from Filiatro Bay

  • Yoga classes 

  • Kayak Day to Gidaki Beach

  • Brunches 

  • One Asana Workshop

  • Four dinners

What's not included

  • Flights (directly flight to Kefalonia & Lefkada) - Easy Jet flies directly to Kefalonia

  • We offer assistance and drivers to and from the airport to the ports

  • Port Transfers to & from the Villa 

  • Additional Activities & Transfers during the week

  • Three dinners


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