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  • All private classes are done online via Zoom
    55 British pounds

 "  I have been having private yoga sessions with Liz for a couple of years now and I cannot begin to tell you how special she is. And it’s not just that she is an incredible teacher in terms of the physical stuff. It’s much deeper than that.


She is somehow able to understand me in a way that I have not experienced in another person - even on our very first meeting, she was able to offer insights into my character which enabled me to look at my life in a different way.


We work on both my physical strength and my mental resilience and she has shown me how the two are inter-connected. Over the time that we have practiced together she has gently (and not-so-gently!) coaxed me to look into myself, to warrior up, to re-discover my courage, to trust myself, to get strong. She listens, guides, counsels, challenges and supports…I couldn’t be more grateful that she is in my life! "       -        Sarah

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