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Soul Guidance | Lizaan Joubert

 Combining Yoga methodology, Buddhist Somatic Psychotherapy and the Chakra System, Lizi offers a safe and supportive space in conversation that offers you tools, and guidance off the mat. 23 years of self development, life experience, and 10 years practising Yoga as a medicine combined with Transpersonal Psychotherapy has allowed Liz to share her way to support you in your unique practice and sacred geometry being a student of life. She is an Enlifted Life Coach, which brings the power of your words and your story into the heart of these sessions. Expect empowering sessions that give you clarity, and a deeper understanding on how to navigate your conditions, and the patterns that obscure our joy, and inner peace, allowing a life that can be lived intimately off the mat. 


These sessions are not only directed at Yoga practitioners. The methodology is valuable and applicable to any human experience. 


Connect with Lizi and choose a time that suits you. 

  • All private classes are done online via Zoom
    55 British pounds


All private classes are done online via Zoom

£95  -  75min

What clients say...

 "  I have known Lizaan aka Lizzie since 2017 when I took my broken heart and jobless self to Bali, booking the retreat 3 days before. Bali was the beginning of a new adventure for me, yoga and inward work. I have been working with Lizzie since then. I have also attended another retreat in Mexico. I cannot recommend her retreats more. They open you up and teach you so much about yourself. Yoga was just an outlet at first, a sport like another.


Now I enjoy going upside down and admiring how the body can get strong and resilient and flexible - I wasn’t flexible AT ALL when I first started so that can’t be an excuse! She’s helped me grow, she’s helped me look in places I never thought of, she’s helped me practice and she’s helped me ground myself. Yoga has become an intricate part of my life, something back in 2017 I would have never imagined.


I didn’t think yoga and meditation was for me; I wanted HiiT classes and boxing to let out the energy. Lizzie showed me a new world for which I am eternally grateful. Lizzies classes - which I now follow online out of New York - are fun, dynamic and the playlist, well, it just gets you in your bubble and groove. I cannot recommend the one on ones more as Lizzie is a special soul and not a human like us, there is something Divine about her, you need to see it to believe it. "  


    -        Sabine

 "  I have been having private yoga sessions with Liz for a couple of years now and I cannot begin to tell you how special she is. And it’s not just that she is an incredible teacher in terms of the physical stuff. It’s much deeper than that.


She is somehow able to understand me in a way that I have not experienced in another person - even on our very first meeting, she was able to offer insights into my character which enabled me to look at my life in a different way.


We work on both my physical strength and my mental resilience and she has shown me how the two are inter-connected. Over the time that we have practiced together she has gently (and not-so-gently!) coaxed me to look into myself, to warrior up, to re-discover my courage, to trust myself, to get strong. She listens, guides, counsels, challenges and supports…I couldn’t be more grateful that she is in my life! "

      -        Sarah

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