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8th - 15th July  2023

The Five Buddha Families  | 7 nights 2023

I tailor this week in Greece with Yoga, Nature, Nutrition & Philosophy. This island has been a sanctuary and home for Lizi since 2020. This Retreat week will be rooted in The Five Buddha Families that she combines with the Five Vayus (winds) and Elements of Life. The Sanskrit word for Vayu translates as “wind,” and the root ‘va’ translates to “that which flows.” Thus, a Vayu is an energetic force that moves in a specific direction to control bodily functions and activities. The ancient yogis found 49 distinct types of Vayus in the body. These five primary currents of vital force are Prana-Vayu, Apana-Vayu, Samana-Vayu, Udana-Vayu, and Vyana-Vayu. The Five Buddha Families  refer to factors of Buddha-nature. In other words, they are attributes, or qualities of inner and outer awareness. These are qualities that we all have, and so the five buddha families become a foundation to how we can deepen our understanding and knowledge through the texts, the elements and living with nature, and our own experience. 

It's personal time with yourself, where you can come out on your own or with a friend in a like-minded setting on this beautiful island. Brunch is included after daily dynamic morning practices and meditation, and evenings and afternoons are created around nature, beach excursions, and restorative yoga practices and time on your own. Dinner will be served after practice at our Villa, and we will join one dinner night in the Bay. You will have one evening to explore on your own, and one morning off to explore the island. 

Prices range from 1450 GBP sharing for 7 nights. This Retreat Group will not exceed 12 students.  

What is included?
  • Two Yoga classes a day

  • Brunch & Dinner at the Villa

  • One Workshop

  • 1:1 Session with Lizi 

  • Bodywork

What is not included?
  • Flights (direct flights to Kefalonia from Gatwick and Athens - We offer assistance and drivers to and from the airport to the ports).

  • Transfers on the island during the week & one dinner in the Bay.

  • Any lunch or dinners outside the Villa 

  • Adventure activities around the Island

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