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25 Jun - 02 Jul 2022


Ithaca 1:1 Private Retreat | 2022

I tailor these weeks to your needs. Dates here are not set, you can decide, the ones you see here are suggested by me for you. 

I focus on smaller groups and personal one to one weeks, where you can come out on your own, or with a small group of practitioners and spend the week practising, replenishing and deepening your practice. 


Breakfast is included in daily dynamic morning practices, and evening and afternoons are created around nature, water purifications, excursions, art, restorative and yin yoga practices. 


You are cared on, and also will have ample time to rest and take time for yourself. 


Prices range from 2500GBP upwards for 7 nights. 

Get in touch with me, I would love to show you life on Ithaki. In all my travels and practice, this island sure is one of the most magical places. It has become home away from home. 

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