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16th-23rd Sep 2023

IBIZA | 2023

16-23 Sep 2023

This week is a celebration of the internal subtle body of Yoga. The Chakra system provides a map for introspection, and journeying your physical practice this week will give each day a group of poses, breath work, and rituals that co-exist with the specific Chakra that is highlighted. 

Liz teaches Nyasa meditation practices, mandala vinyasa flow & storytelling around each Chakra. Each day will celebrate insight on how we can align, purify and balance the thread of these profound centres governing parts of our spine and body.


The smell of pine trees mixing with rosemary flowers is what you will find. Brunches & dinner will be on the terrace, and the views of the Mediterranean will charge you with positive energy.

The villa is calm and magical. 30 minutes from Ibiza airport we will enjoy an Ibicencan house with more than 100 years of history. A peaceful and quiet place that grounds the week of practices and ritual.

Beautiful grounds, pool and hammocks to rest. Nature walks and close to wonderful sights in the North of the island we will visit.  

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